All NATO Forces Preparing for Withdrawal: Miller


KABUL: The US and NATO have begun “local actions” as part of their troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the commander of international forces in Afghanistan said on Sunday.
General Scott Miller, while speaking to reporters in Kabul, said that the process had already begun, following President Joe Biden’s declaration that all troops would be out of the country by September 11.
“All our forces are now preparing to retrograde, officially the notification date will be May 1, but at the same time as we start taking local actions, we have already begun that,” Miller said.
Miller, meanwhile, underlined that he would conduct an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, which would include transferring bases and weapons to Afghan security forces.
The Afghan government is in a protracted conflict with rebels, including the Taliban, for a long time, despite the fact that the two parties have agreed to meet for peace talks.
Last week, the Taliban said it would not attend any peace talks in Afghanistan until all foreign forces left the country.
As peace negotiations face deadlock, the conflict between Afghan forces and the Taliban has escalated that often inflict casualties to civilian lives.