McKenzie is Worried About Afghan forces Ability After US Withdrawal


KABUL: Afghan forces may lose their ability to hold their ground after foreign troops leave later this year, US Central Command chief Gen. Frank McKenzie told Congress on Friday. 
“I am worried about the capacity of the Afghan military to hang on after we depart, especially the ability of the Afghan Air Force to fly,” he told US Congress on Friday.
“My concern is the ability of the Afghan military to hold the ground that they are on now without the support that they have been used to for many years,” McKenzie added.
After US troops leave Afghanistan by September 11, he said the US will retain military influence and the right to perform airstrikes.
In a message to the Taliban, McKenzie said that the US would be well-prepared to protect its troops during the withdrawal process.
Gen. McKenzie said the drones used in Afghanistan were capable of reaching the country from the bases of US allies in the Gulf.