Taliban Fighting for the Interests of Outsiders: Saleh


KABUL: First Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh, during his visit from Kandahar province has said that the Taliban are armed in Pakistan and fighting for the interests of outsiders.
“The Taliban, who are being trained in Pakistan, are fighting for the interests of foreigners, bringing suffering to the citizens of our country,” Saleh said while speaking to a gathering of people in Arghandab district of Kandahar.
President Ashraf Ghani, his vice-president and his accompanying delegation visited Kandahar on Thursday.
About peace in the country, Saleh said, “We are ready to sacrifice of remaining office term for the sake of lasting and dignified peace in the country.”
Meanwhile, Rohullah Khanzadah, governor of Kandahar, and Haji Mohammad, head of the Arghandab district people’s council, welcomed the president and his delegation and thanked them for their care for Kandahar people who suffered from intense conflicts.
President Ashraf Ghani conveyed his condolences to the families affected in conflicts in Arghandab district and stated that the district will be prioritized in the development program of Citizen’s Charter scheme.