UN will stay engaged in Afghan peace negotiations: Lyons


KABUL: Special representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Afghanistan wrapped up several days of discussions with Afghan groups and foreign partners in Doha on Thursday.
In a series of tweets UNAMA on Thursday said that Deborah Lyons met with her interlocutors to discuss the best way forward to strengthen and energize intra-Afghan peace talks.
She vowed that work to help Afghan talks would not be put on hold, and that the UN would continue to work with Afghanistan and Taliban negotiators to find a road to a just peace, the source said.
UNAMA said that postponement of the Istanbul conference gives the Afghan parties another chance to show success in the Doha talks.
“UN will ramp up its engagement in support of an Afghan peace & end of the Afghanistan war. The UN’s impartiality & ability to convene is at the disposal of Afghans and international actors working for peace, especially regional states,” the source added.
The mission vowed to keep working with Afghan women, youth, the media, victims, and civil society to support their role in the creation of a just and equitable peace.