ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

Province: Kandahar

Location: Southwest 

Kandahar is a primary province, bordered by Uruzgan to the north, Durand Line and Baluchistan to the south, Zabul to the east and Helmand to the west



Ethnicity: Pashtuns

Languages: Pashto and Dari

Armed Opposition Group(s): The Taliban, to some extent ISIS

Districts Under Control of the Government: The entire territory of Dand, Panjwayi, Arghandab, Daman, Speen Boldak, and Zheray areas, district centers of Arghestan, Regestan, Nesh, Shorabak, Mianshin, Shawalikot, Khakrez, Ghorak, Maiwand, Maroof, and Takhta Pol. The rest territory is under control of the Taliban

Districts Under Control of the Taliban: Ghorak, Maroof Regestan, and Nesh

Contested Districts: 

Government’s Appointed Governor for the Province: 

Taliban’s Distinct Governor for the Province: 

Major Security Incident(s):

The Kandahar prison break, the assassination of Ahmad Wali Karzai, an explosion in Kandahar province that killed the deputy governor of Kandahar, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, and many others, and injured a number of businessmen, including the governor of Kandahar. The attack on the governor’s office, killing the director of national security, Commander Raziq, and wounding the governor, corps commander, and zone commander.

Documented Incidents Since RiV: 

No significant decline in the number of security incidents and the Taliban continues their attacks.

Causes of the War:

  • Drug trafficking, ethnic conflicts and the Taliban’s activities)