US Has Grave Doubts on Taliban’s Reliability: McKenzie


KABUL: The US Central Command (CENTCOM) commander has said that Washington has “grave concerns” about the Taliban’s reliability.
“I have deep concerns about the Taliban’s reliability,” Gen. Kenneth McKenzie told the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, adding, “and I have shared those publicly for a long time, so we need to see what they’re going to do here.”
He said that the Pentagon was investigating strategies for sending troops outside of Afghanistan to deal with a potential Taliban surge.
General McKenzie admitted that countering extremism from abroad would be difficult during his testimony after President Joe Biden’s troop withdrawal announcement.
“I do not want to put on rose-colored lenses and think it’s going to be easy to do,” he said.
The CENTCOM commander has stated that they want to continue counterterrorism operations within the region in order to keep violent extremists under constant monitoring and strain.
McKenzie, on the other hand, said that ISIS in Afghanistan had reduced “several hundred soldiers” and that the Taliban had agreed not to allow Al Qaeda to resurge.