ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

Maidan Wardak Province

Maidan Wardak is located at a longitude (68,86383) degrees and latitude of (34.39457) degrees. It is 2,210 meters above sea level. Its population is estimated at around one million, however, the data is not recent. Maidan Wardak is one of the central provinces of the country. It is considered as one of the third-degree provinces in the country and its capital (Maidan Shar) is located about 35 kilometers away in southwest of Kabul. Maidan Wardak is bordered by Logar and Kabul to the east, Bamyan to the west, Ghazni to the southwest and south, Bamyan to the northwest as well, and Parwan to the north. 

Active Militant Group (s): Taliban

Official Governor: Shah Jahan

Taliban Shadow Governor:  ?

Government Controlled Districts:

Taliban Controlled District: 
Contested Districts: 

 Location: Central

 Area: 10,912-kilometer squares 

Ethnicity: Pashtuns, Tajik, Hazara.

Languages: Pashto and Dari

Major Security Incident(s): There have been no major incidents, such as mine explosions, power outages, and attacks on government facilities.

Factors contributing to violence: In Maidan Wardak, one of the country’s central provinces, often armed opposition groups (AOGs) have been attacking government posts, targeting government convoys alongside the Kabul-Kandahar highway, prompting the insurgents to increase their presence there.