Afghan MPs Ask UN to Press Taliban to Join Turkey Conference


KABUL: Afghan lawmakers urged the United Nations to put pressure on the Taliban insurgents to join the Turkey conference so it would help facilitate a peaceful settlement for Afghanistan crisis.
In a statement on Monday, the called on the Taliban to respect human rights, particularly the rights of women, and allow girls to attend school in areas under their jurisdiction if the group was honest for working for its people.
“We request powerful countries in the region, as well as the UN to encourage the Taliban to attend the Turkey conference,” Parliament speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani said.
“They should sit down and speak with Afghans face to face,” said a lawmaker from Badghis province, Ziaduddin Akazai.
The Turkey conference under the leadership of UN on Afghanistan is expected to hold on April 24.
The conference is part of the US’s new peace plan that aims to bring together warring parties and world powers to find a political settlement to the Afghan conflict.
However, Taliban said that they would not attend any conferences on Afghan peace until all foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan.