Delayed US Withdrawal May Cause More Death: Paul


KABUL: A delayed withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan could cause more death for Americans and Afghans, a retired American politician warned on Monday. 
If U.S. troops stay in Afghanistan beyond May 1 this year, President Joe Biden will be breaking his predecessor’s 2020 peace deal with the Taliban, and it would lead Americans and Afghans dying needlessly, Ron Paul in said in an article for Newsmax, a conservative American news and opinion website.
According to Paul, postponing the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan means more Americans may be killed. The result of the conflict would not change by keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan for four more months, he added.
This while the former U.S. president, Donald Trump, said that United States could leave Afghanistan sooner and close to the May 1 deadline his administration agreed with the Taliban. 
“Nineteen years is more than enough; in fact, far too much and way too long,” he said.
US President Joe Biden last week announced that all American troops would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11.