Cannot Guarantee Afghanistan’s Future After Troop Pullout: WH


KABUL: U.S. national security advisor has said that no one could predict and guarantee what will happen in Afghanistan after U.S. troops’ departure, but the U.S. will continue to monitor the situation and would respond to any threats to Washington.
White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked about the possibility of a repeat of the situation in Afghanistan where he answered that the U.S. president Joe Biden had no plans to send American troops back to Afghanistan but added, “No one can make any promises about what will happen within the country.”
“All the United States could do is provide the Afghan security forces, the Afghan government, and the Afghan people resources and capabilities, training and equipping their forces, providing assistance to their government. We have done that, and now it is time for American troops to come home and the Afghan people to step up to defend their own country,” he said while talking to Fox News, a US TV channel.
This is while Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani rejected all military parallels with the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam on Sunday, saying Afghanistan would not collapse if American troops leave the country.
President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that the U.S. will withdraw its remaining 2,500 troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 to end America’s longest war.