Trump Welcomes Biden's Decision on Troops’ Withdrawal


KABUL: Former US President Donald Trump praised withdrawing all foreign troops from Afghanistan but criticized President Joe Biden’s timetable and urged the date for full exit of forces should be close to May 1.
Trump, while endorsing Biden’s troop withdrawal efforts, called for end of America’s longest conflict before the September 11 deadline.
According to a CNN report, the former president, who during his administration set the May 1 deadline for troop withdrawal in the US-Taliban agreement, termed the decision on leaving Afghanistan “a great thing to do.”
Trump, however, in a statement said, “We should keep as close to that schedule as possible.”
“I wish Joe Biden wouldn’t use September 11 as the deadline for pulling our troops out of Afghanistan,” he said.
He believed that the United States could leave sooner. “Nineteen years is more than enough; in fact, far too much and way too long.”
September 11 was a traumatic day and moment of American history that should be remembered as a day of contemplation and memory for the victims, he concluded.