Afghanistan will Plunge into Civil War if US Troops Withdraw: Mohaqiq


KABUL: Afghanistan will plunge into civil war if the US and NATO troops withdraw from the country by September 11, senior presidential adviser, Mohammad Mohaqiq said. 
Mohaqiq’s remarks came after US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops and disengage from the 20-year-long conflict.
Meanwhile, Mohaqiq cautioned that the departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan would fuel the resurgence of terrorism and the proliferation of fundamentalist organizations such as al-Qaeda.
“A new chapter is about to begin, possibly against Afghanistan’s needs. There’s even a chance that terrorist fronts will be strengthened. “This is a foregone conclusion,” Mohaqiq said. 
He also warned that if the Taliban continues to use terror and fight, he will fight against them.  
This is while the Afghan MPs earlier underlined that the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, considering the current situation, would possibly face the country to a civil war.