EU envoy urges Taliban not to skip Turkey summit


KABUL: The European Union’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Andreas von Brandt, urged the Taliban to take advantage of the forthcoming UN-led conference on Afghanistan seriously if the movement wanted international cooperation.
Speaking at a gathering in Kabul on Saturday, he underlined that the Afghan peace process has never been as high on the priority list as it has been in recent weeks.
“I continue to hope that the Taliban will seize this opportunity in Istanbul. Never I would say in the last five years has Afghanistan been again high on the agenda as it has been in recent weeks,” the EU envoy said.
Turkey is expected to host an UN-led conference to negotiate a political solution to the decades-long Afghan conflict.
However, Taliban last Monday said that the group would not participate any conference on Afghan peace until all foreign troops leave Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation said that announcement of foreign forces from Afghanistan had left the Taliban with no reason to continue their violence.
“We have the capability and capacity to represent the great force that is the people of Afghanistan and represent them in the right way,” he said.