Regional countries should help create stability in Afghanistan: Zarif


KABUL: Iran has welcomed the United States’ declaration of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as a promising step and urged regional countries to facilitate establishment of peace before a possible escalation of conflict in the country.
Irani Foreign Minister Javad Zarfi, talking in a virtual meeting hosted by Raisina Dialogue, an Indian conference on geopolitics, said that his country welcomed a responsible withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan as the involvement of foreign troops had not been helpful to regional stability.
During the conference held on Friday, Zarif said that the Taliban could not use the US withdrawal as an excuse to intensify conflict.
He said it was important for all Afghans to agree on what they want and then work on the details on how to create it. 
“Regional countries should help Afghanistan create that picture, a democratic government, balanced ethnic representation, and a strong economy,” he added.
“The Taliban can be part of the negotiating process, but they cannot control it,” he added, saying Iran and the region would not allow Afghanistan to return to war. However, he did not provide further details on the regard.
These statements from Iranian foreign minister come as U.S. recently declared to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11.
The Taliban on the other hand, have said that they would not join any conference on the Afghan peace until all foreign troops leave Afghanistan.