Taliban Unable to Take Over Afghanistan Militarily: Abdullah


KABUL: High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) Chairman Abdullah Abdullah said that the Taliban have miscalculated the group was able to take over Afghanistan militarily after foreign forces withdrawal from the country.
Abdullah during a meeting on Thursday in Kabul said that the complete departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan would not imply a reduction in international assistance to Afghanistan.
It is the time for Afghans to come together and settle their differences their own rather than wasting time on fighting, he added.
“If someone thinks that with the withdrawal of foreign forces, the issue will be resolved militarily, this means a prescription for the continuation of the war, so no one should make this miscalculation,” said Abdullah.
Meanwhile, Abdullah said that it was still unclear if the Taliban will attend the Istanbul conference; however, he stated that there was no other option to the conflict but a peaceful settlement.
These statements from Abdullah come as the Taliban earlier said that they would not join Turkey conference on Afghanistan peace or any other similar meetings until all foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan.
Based on a U.S.-Taliban agreement signed in February 2020, all foreign forces should leave Afghanistan by May 1. However, the U.S. government on Wednesday declared that troop withdrawal would be completed by September 11.