US Troops Withdrawal Will Cause Civil War: Afghan MPs


KABUL: Afghanistan’s House of People speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani and a number of other members of the house said that the full withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, given the current situation, poses a chance for emergence of civil war.
Afghan lawmakers say that the main goal of the US war in Afghanistan is to fight terrorism, drug trafficking and establish good governance but none of them so far achieved.
“The withdrawal of these forces is a desire of the Afghan people, but at the current situation, the conditions have not been made for that, there is a possibility of the return of civil war, and this will change Afghanistan into a hub of international terrorism,” said Rahmani on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, some politicians have blamed the United States for betraying the Afghan people by making massive concessions to the Taliban.
They say that the Taliban should end the war now as there was no any excuses for them remained after the US announced full withdrawal from Afghanistan.