Dispute Resolution: Kakar Foundation Releases Book on Afghan Peace Building


KABUL: Kakar History Foundation has released a book containing 22 essays on war and peace building in Afghanistan that suffered over four decades of deadly conflicts.
The foundation in a statement has said that former Afghan president, Dr.Najibullah and Afghan historian, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Kakar had broad discussions about finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan civil war, actors engaged in conflicts, post-Soviet Afghanistan, Afghan people’s thirst for peace and barriers laid to conflict resolution.
The source said that contributors to the volume included Afghan and international scholars, public intellectuals, and former and current members of civil society, policy, and state institutions, who closely analyzed conflict resolution efforts during Najibullah’s leadership and fresh perspectives on historical and political themes related to the past and current peacemaking processes.
The analysts and experts also offer insights into modern Afghan state-society-relations, public and political spaces, post-conflict society and development, and the role of non-Afghan, wider regional state and non-state actors and geopolitics, and present comparative examples of successful peace negotiations and best practices in international conflict resolution, the statement added.
“The key aim of publishing these volumes now is to learn from a similar episode from our history after the Soviet forces left Afghanistan so that the error of the past is not repeated to Afghan and international decision-makers involved in the peace process,” the foundation concluded.
The book titled, ‘Search of Peace for Afghanistan’ is published amid accelerated efforts for finding a political solution to the decades-long war in Afghanistan.
Kakar History Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization, established in 2015 to enrich the study of Afghanistan history.