Republic's Final Draft Peace Plan Lands in HCNR

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KABUL: The government’s draft peace plan has been finalized and submitted to the High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) for a conclusive review by the Leadership Committee of the council.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of HCNR during a meeting on Sunday, said that he received the final draft of the republic’s peace proposal, which was finalized and submitted by a sub-committee of the HCNR’s Leadership Committee.
During a meeting with Afghan women, Abdullah also said that efforts for unification of peace-related ideas from different political groups were underway, and the Leadership Committee would work on some ‘Main principles’ for the Turkey conference.
Feraidon Khwazon, the spokesman for HCNR, said that if the proposal was accepted during a review, it would be offered as a single plan from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the Turkey conference.
However, he did not provide further information about other options if the peace plan was not approved by the council.
The government’s peace strategy emphasizes on the protraction of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, basic rights of citizens, civil rights, human rights, individual vote-based elections, just and substantive cooperation in the governing structure, end to the conflict, and regional and international support for the implementation of the peace plan.
This is while the Turkey conference, according to reports, will most likely take place this week, with consensus on principles, a cease-fire, and a government of unity on the agenda.