Dostum Warns of Returning to Battlefield If Peace Talks Fail


KABUL: Former Afghan Vice President Marshall Abdul Rashid Dostum has warned of returning to the battlefield and fight against Taliban militants if the upcoming conference on Afghan peace in Turkey concluded without yielding any productive results.
“We are not from the leaders who came from the US or Europe. We will stand and fight against terrorists if the Istanbul meeting did not bring peace and the violence returned to normal,” Dostum told a number of Turkish lawmakers and Afghan students on Sunday.
“We are support peace and hope that the Istanbul conference succeeds. People have high expectations from this conference,” he said.
Regarding Turkey’s role in the Afghan peace, the former VP said that the country would play a vital part in the process.
The Turkey conference on Afghan peace is expected to hold in April. During the conference, Afghan politicians and the Taliban would negotiate a political solution to end the Afghan conflict.