Civilian Losses in Khost's Sabari District Worrisome: AIHRC


KABUL: Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) called on the conflict parties to respect the Afghan’s will and put an end to the ongoing violence in the country.
Referring to a mortar strike that hit a civilian house in the Sabari district of Khost province, the commission said that their initial findings showed a woman and a child were killed, and six others were wounded in the incident.
On March 28, Afghan security forces fired a mortar shell that hit a residential house in the area. Local sources had said that 17 people, including women and children, were killed in the incident.
AIHRC, in a series of tweets on Sunday, expressed concern over civilian losses in combat operations and urged warring parties to end the violence and respect the will of the Afghan public for reaching an inclusive and stable peace in the country. 
The commission said that local officials did not help the organization thoroughly investigate what happened in the district, asking the government to provide fact-based information to people on the incident and avoid future mistakes.