Biden Wants a Responsible end to Afghan war: White House


KABUL: The White House said that the US President Joe Biden is committed to bring the Afghan conflict to a responsible end and consult troop withdrawal with the US partners around the world.
Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday that the US president decided to take US troops out of any threats in Afghanistan.
She said that Biden wanted to ensure that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for insurgent groups who might pose a threat to the US or any of its allies.
When asked about the US troop pullout deadline of May 1, she said, “He needs to make the decision in close consultation with allies around the world…”
The Biden administration remained committed to diplomatic talks with the Taliban, Psaki added.
“So he has made it known that getting troops out by May 1st is operationally difficult, but I expect you to hear from him on his decision well ahead of that date,” she said.
In response to the question, she said that Biden’s approach to the withdrawal from Afghanistan was responsible as he sought advice from members of his military and diplomatic teams on the matter.
She said that Biden also consulted with US partners and allies around the world as he prepared to make a decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.