Biden continues to consult on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: White House


KABUL: White House has said that US President Joe Biden has not yet made a conclusion on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and he still consulted on the matter with his national security team.

Speaking to a press conference on Monday, the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki told reporters that it would take time for the US president to make a right decision about withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

“Well, as the president has said before, it would be difficult to reach the May 1st deadline for complete withdrawal, for logistical reasons,” Psaki said in response to a query about whether the troops will leave as scheduled under the US-Taliban agreement.

She said, “Biden been working on these issues foreign policy issues, national security issues for many decades now and, of course, needs to take the time to make the correct decision.”

Biden has “continued to consult internally with his national security team and advisors and, of course, also with our partners and allies,” Psaki added.

Based on the US-Taliban agreement, all the US and its allies’ troops should leave Afghanistan within 14 months from the date the deal signed on February 28, 2020.

A number of Afghan politicians say that troop withdrawal should be in a responsible way and in coordination with major powers and regional countries for facilitating a stable peace in Afghanistan.