Ghani Proposes a Three-Phase Peace Roadmap: Sources


KABUL: The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has shared a three-phase peace roadmap with representatives of NATO, United Nations, European Union and neighbouring countries as well as Muslim nations.

A Tolo News report on Monday revealed that the plan has three parts and the president reportedly shared it with Abdullah Abdullah, head of the High Council for National Reconciliation.

According to the report quoting unnamed government officials, the first phase includes the creation of a consensus for a political settlement and a ceasefire under international observation.

Holding a presidential election and establishing a government of peace and transition to the new administration are elements of the second phase of the plan.

The third phase includes the protection of a political agreement in a post peace period.

This is while High Council for National Reconciliation, in a statement, said that a 15-member committee led by the former vice president, Mohammad Yunus Qanooni discussed the US peace plan and peace proposals shared by 25 political parties during a meeting on Sunday.

According to the statement, the council has received 30 draft proposals on the Afghan peace process from different political parties.