‘Afghan women’s participation essential in Turkey Summit’


BALKH: A gathering of Islamic scholars, influential figures and youths in Balkh province on Monday said that presence of Afghan women in the upcoming Turkey Summit on Afghan peace was essential for defense of their rights.
The meeting organized by Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD) was held in Mazar-e-Sharif, capital of Balkh province on Monday.
Belqis Attayee, head of EPD, talking to the gathering, said that the aim of the meeting was the expression of views about the peace process from all classes of the society.
She said that they also discussed the role of Afghan women in the peace process and emphasized on presence of their representatives in Turkey Summit. “We want the Afghan women to have their part in the summit,” she added.
Shahla Hadid, Balkh women’s affairs director said, “We hope women would have an active role in the peace process so they would be able to defend their rights.”
Women’s rights activists in many gatherings have complained about their limited role in the Afghan peace talks and stress that their presence should be increased in the process.
Turkey Summit to find a solution for the Afghan conflict is expected to hold in April.