Election a key element for establishing a democratic system: Danesh


KABUL: Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the second Afghan vice-president on Sunday, said that holding elections is a core element of a democratic government, and the Afghan leaders were ready for an early vote to facilitate peace in the country.

These statements from Danesh come after a Taliban spokesman, Mohammad Naeem told reporters in Doha that elections been always scandalous in Afghanistan and they had no trust in such processes.

Naeem had also stated that talks were underway among different political groups and religious scholars on methods for establishing an Islamic government in the country.

Danesh, on the other hand, said that the Afghan government was ready to hold an early election for facilitating stability in the country in presence of foreign observers.

“Election is a key element for our political system; therefore, the government’s leadership, particularly the Afghan president, emphasize election under the international community’s observation, if a (peace) agreement is finalized, it should also be endorsed by the Afghan people,” Danesh said.

Two days earlier, National Directorate of Security (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib in a conference stated that President Ashraf Ghani would not be a candidate in a possible early presidential election.