Afghan President Won’t Step Down in Absence of Real Peace: Mohib


KABUL: National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has said that President Ashraf Ghani will not move from his position by “any political pressure” until an agreement is reached to bring a real peace to Afghanistan.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday here, Mohib said, “Our objective is to achieve peace. The government is responsible for its people, and that is to ensure a true peace in Afghanistan.”

“We assure our people that we will not bow to pressure,” he said.

In response to accusations that the government is obstructing peace, Mohib stated, “The Afghan people elected this government, and the government does not have the right to let 40 people decide about the future of Afghanistan.”

If the key objective is stability and the establishment of an elected government, the Afghan president and government is ready to hold an early election in three months, six months, or according to the timetable, he said.

The president (Ashraf Ghani) will not be a candidate in this election but if the goal is to form a transitional government, the Afghan people will not support it, he concluded without giving further details.

The statements from Mohib come as an UN-led peace conference on Afghanistan is expected to hold in Turkey in April to negotiate a political settlement and peaceful solution to the Afghan war.

However, no consensus on the agenda or timetable for the conference in Turkey has been reached yet.