Agenda, Date for Istanbul not finalized, says NSA


KABUL: Agenda and date for the forthcoming Istanbul Summit on Afghan peace are not finalized, said Afghan National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib in a press conference in Kabul on Saturday.

The Summit in Istanbul is aimed at bringing the parties to the Afghan conflict together to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Afghan war. The gathering is scheduled for later this month, but Mr. Mohib said there was no agreement on the date and the agenda.

“Talks are underway between Afghan republic negotiators and U.S. officials in Doha on issues concerning the forthcoming conference in Turkey,” said the National Security Adviser, adding that the agenda of the summit and the list of the officials who will attend has not been finalized. 

As the Peace delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is meeting representatives of the United Nations, United States, Qatar, and Turkey in Doha, as requested by the U.S., the U.S. special representative for Afghan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, is in Kabul to discuss efforts with the officials here.