Govt. to offer peace scheme at Istanbul summit: Presidential aide 


KABUL: Top aide to President Ashraf Ghani, Waheed Omar, dispelled the rumors that Ghani would only propose an early election proposal at the scheduled Istanbul meeting, saying instead he would offer a draft roadmap to peace. 
According to the senior advisor to the president on communication and strategic affairs, the transition of power by voting was just an aspect of the plan.
“The president has drafted a peace roadmap. This road map is not an answer to others’ proposals, but rather the government’s path for peace,” Omar said.
The remarks came when two senior government officials quoted by Reuters said president Ghani would propose a new presidential election within six months as part of the peace plan and a counter-offer to the U.S. proposal that he seemingly didn’t consent to.  
The proposal was said to be put forward at the upcoming Turkey summit in April.
Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has dismissed the idea of holding early elections and confirmed that the party would not participate.