Taliban may take over if U.S. troops pull out, Biden warned


KABUL: The U.S. intelligence agencies have warned the Biden administration against U.S. troops withdrawal before negotiating a power-sharing agreement between the warring parties in Afghanistan, saying the Taliban could overrun most of Afghanistan in two to three years.

According to the New York Times that quoted an anonymous U.S. official, such a takeover might cause al-Qaeda to rebound in Afghanistan.

Several U.S. officials who support keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan rely on the intelligence’s report to claim that they should stay past the May 1 deadline.

Meanwhile, the classified intelligence report was planned and prepared by the Trump administration last year, the Times said. The White House, according to the reports, declined to comment.

The remarks came when U.S. president Joe Biden underlined that the May 1 deadline for troops withdrawal from Afghanistan is “hard to meet.”

“We will leave Afghanistan; the question is when?” he said, adding an UN-led summit is underway to find a solution to the Afghan war.