Balkh clerics stand in solidarity for peace process 


BALKH: Religious scholars, civil society activists, and youth in Balkh province attended a gathering in the capital city of Mazar-e-Sharif to voice support to security forces, the republican system, and the upcoming peace summit in Turkey.
The gathering was organized by the People’s Consultative Council of Balkh province, where speakers expressed concern about the escalation of war and insecurity and called for an end to the miseries.
Speakers at the gathering described the start of peace talks as promising, stressing that more civilians are being killed in war and insecurity, something that should be brought to an immediate halt. 
Meanwhile, the participants called on the Taliban to renounce war and violence in the country and join the peace process.
A ceasefire, an end to war, the participation of the people in the peace process, and the support of the security forces are among the most critical issues that the participants demanded.