Rumors won't compromise Afghanistan's 'independence': Pres. Ghani 


KABUL: At the inaugural ceremony of the Kamal Khan Dam in western Nimroz on Wednesday, President Ashraf Ghani emphasized Afghanistan’s independence as he, in a vield reference, discredited the plans proposed by the US for jumpstarting the peace talks. 
Pointing to the U.S. peace initiative for Afghanistan and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s letter, he said: “Papers… rumors and plans are coming,” but Afghanistan will remain “independent”.
“We are not like a willow that shivers in the wind; reports, rumors, and proposals will come, but we will stand firm like a tree in its place,” Ghani said.
“The people are not ready to go back to the past; today, we are following a strong policy of self-reliance; Afghanistan does not imagine opening its hand to beg in the future,” he added.
This comes in the wake of preparations for the upcoming peace summit in Turkey.