Taliban see Islamic Emirate solution to Afghan conflict 


KABUL: Top Russian envoy says during the Moscow Summit last week, the Taliban insisted on the return of the Islamic Emirate as part of the solution to the conflict in Afghanistan.
“The Taliban’s delegation insisted that it is [restoring an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan] a possible solution in Afghanistan. Their opponents disagreed,” said Zamir Kabulov, the Russian president’s envoy for Afghanistan.
According to the Associated Press, Kabulov underlined that his county is satisfied with the outcomes of the Afghanistan peace conference held in Moscow last week and also urged the U.S. to stick to agreements to remove troops from the region by May 1.
“This meeting aimed to rekindle stalled intra-Afghan talks in Doha […] I believe this goal was achieved.”
The Taliban have previously stated that their idea of an Islamic government would encourage girls to attend school, women to work, and women to participate in public life, but in any dialogue, they have had, they have stressed the importance of adhering to Islamic injunctions without explaining what that would entail.
This is while President Ashraf Ghani referred to the U.S. peace initiative for Afghanistan and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s letter on Wednesday at the inauguration ceremony of the Kamal Khan Dam in the western province of Nimroz, saying: “Papers… rumors and proposals are coming,” but Afghanistan will remain “independent.”