Ghani may offer a counterproposal for Afghan peace: Officials  


KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will propose a new presidential election within six months as part of the peace plan and a counter-offer to the U.S. proposal that he seemingly doesn’t agree to. 
According to two senior government officials quoted by Reuters,  Ghani will present his proposal at an international conference in Turkey next month, signaling his rejection of Washington’s plan to replace his elected government with an interim administration.  
Washington, which agreed last year to pull out of Afghanistan by May 1 after nearly two decades, is pushing for a peace deal to end the government-Taliban conflict.
Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. Special Envoy, has circulated a suggestion to replace the Kabul government with an interim administration.
On the other hand, President Ghani has stated his opposition to any solution that allows his government to hand over power to unelected successors.
“The counterproposal which we are going to present at the Istanbul meeting would be to call for early presidential elections if the Taliban agree on a ceasefire,” one senior government official said on the condition of anonymity.
“The president would never agree to step aside,” another Afghan government official said, “and any future government should be constituted through the democratic process, not a political deal.”
According to a third senior official, Ghani’s suggestion could include early elections, though he did not say when they would take place. Ghani had already discussed his roadmap with the third official.