Dostum, Taliban's Fazel clash verbally during Moscow summit


KABUL: On the sidelines of the Moscow conference on Thursday, former Vice President Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum and the Taliban’s Mullah Fazel, who represents the insurgent group in the peace talks, had a verbal spat.

According to sources, the Taliban retaliated vehemently after Dostum tried to enter the conference hall in his military uniform.

Meanwhile, sources reported that even Dostum later entered the hall without a military uniform, but a verbal clash broke out.

The verbal spat started when Dostum placed his hand on Mullah Fazil’s shoulder to ask about his health, but Fazil yanked Dostum’s hand away and called him a “traitor” and “terrorist.”

“Meetings sometimes see some bitter as well as good moments, but I want to say that if someone wants to move towards peace, they should have the ability to tolerate each other,” the Afghan Republic’s chief negotiator Masoom Stanekzai said.

After the physical altercation, Dostum is said to have skipped the room and later left Moscow for Tashkent a day ahead of the other delegates.