Govt. welcomes Moscow's declaration on Afghan peace


KABUL: Ministry of Foreign Affairs has hailed the final joint statement of the Troika conference in Moscow, describing it as a step toward substantive negotiations aimed at securing a permanent peace that represents the Afghan people’s will.

“We welcome the statement’s emphasis on the UN Security Council Resolution 2513 and consider its implementation important for holding the Taliban responsible and accountable for fulfilling their obligations, including ending violence and targeted killings and severing ties with terrorist organizations,” read a statement from the ministry on Friday.

Stressing a negotiated resolution, the statement appreciated the forthrightness of the declaration, wherein the participating countries refused the return of the Islamic Emirate.

The statement reiterated the Afghan government’s commitment to participating in serious and effective talks, including securing a truce and durable political solution to end the long-running war and instability.

This comes when Russia, the United States, China, and Pakistan during last week’s Moscow summit – the extended troika on the Afghan settlement – called on the Taliban to scrap preparations for a spring offensive.

The extended troika encouraged both parties “to reduce the extent of aggression” in a joint statement accepted by meeting members and urged the Taliban not to initiate a spring offensive.

Meanwhile, Russia, the US, China, and Pakistan agreed to “acknowledge the common and genuine desire of the Afghan people for an end to the war and a permanent and just peace,” which can only be accomplished by a negotiated diplomatic settlement, the decleration read.