Civilians bearing the brunt of unclaimed IEDs 


KABUL: Arash, a 3-year-old minor, was one of the victims of an unclaimed Improvised Explosive Device (IED) bombing in Kabul on Monday that killed five people and injured 16 others.
The blast took the lives of both Arash and her mother, Khatira Mayil, along with three other women.
According to Khatira Mayil’s family, she worked for the Ministry of Education and was expecting a child.
The incident took place when an IED blast targeted a Coaster-type vehicle in the Dhan-e-Bagh area of PD2 of Kabul city on Monday at 3:50 PM. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.
While the Afghan peace process has been sluggish, increased violence, mainly targeted and unclaimed attacks, in Afghanistan agonizes the ordinary masses each day. 
Through Afghan Peace Watch’s RiV-monitoring, as many as 5,041 civilian casualties have been recorded since February 22 last year until the end of February this year. 
Moreover, a total of 864 IEDs have exploded during the period, inflicting casualties on 1,795 civilians, of them 640 were killed. Unfortunately, only 618 of those IEDs were claimed by the Taliban, while the rest remained unclaimed. 
This comes as there has been a renewed push for the Afghan peace process. The US administration has put forward a proposal to Afghan leaders and the Taliban to jump-start the stagnated intra-Afghan talks. 
Meanwhile, the warring sides have agreed to participate in an upcoming conference on Afghan peace in Moscow. The Afghan government, the Taliban and the US envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation will attend the meeting.