ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

Province: Badakhshan

Location: Northwest

Badakhshan is located in the north-west zone of Afghanistan and it has a common border with Tajikistan, Pakistan, and China.

Population: 400,000.

Area:  470,000 Kilometer-squares

Ethnicity: Pashtuns, Hazara, Tajik, UzbekLanguages: Pashto, Dari, Uzbeki

Armed Opposition Group (s): The Taliban and Irresponsible Armed Groups

Districts Under Control of the Government: Faizabad City, Kishim , Baharak, Urgo, Drayeem, Arghanch, Nusi, Shuki, Mahmi, Eshkashim, Khwahan, Kufab, Kiran-o-Minjan, Shar-e-Buzurg, Sheghnan, Shuhada, Tishkan , Yamgan, Yawan and Zibak District.

Districts Under Control of the Taliban: Yamgan
Contested District: Wordoj D, Jurm D, Raghistan D, Kohistan D, Tagab D, Yaftal-e-Bala, Yaftal-e-Payeen D, Khash D, Wakhan D and Khwahan

Government’s Appointed Governor for the Province: Mohammad Zakaria Sawda

Taliban’s Distinct Governor for the Province:  Mawlawi Fasiuddin Badakhshi

Major Security Incident(s):

  • After the Taliban started their attacks of Khash District, the security forces have shown a remarkable resistance and Commander Khashi one of the local commanders of local forces who want to attend the war against Taliban, has been killed with his 13 men due to a roadside mined of Taliban (07, June, 2020).

  • Taliban has attacked on Nusi District from several points and they face with the resistance of security forces and consequently, 17 Taliban insurgents including commander Makhdoom Mehraj have been killed and 8 others including commander Juma Khan Shadow Districts Governors of this group have been injured, with no casualties for the security forces (01, May 2020.

  • On the wat to Toot-e-Balagh village of Urgo District, the unknown insurgents have attacked on and Mujeeb a commander of insurgents with his 3 men were killed. According to Mr. Ruhani it seems that this attack has been occurred due to personal hostility (14, June, 2020).

Causes of the War:

Existence of mines (there are many mines in Badakhshan and the Taliban always tries to maintain their presence and to have significant control over the mines).

  • Excellent geographical condition (Badakhshan has provided a ground for the Taliban`s activities due to its geography and location and the Taliban wants to control over the province and to attack on other provinces).

  • Borders (Badakhshan has borders with Tajikistan and China and by the presence of Taliban in this province they potentially want to attract the attention of international and regional communities)