Political leaders urged to mobilize for Afghan peace 


KABUL: Heela Najibullah, the daughter of Afghanistan’s former president, Dr. Najibullah Ahmadzai, has stated that Afghan political leaders must unite to deal with the peace process.
She said the Afghan government had no power over the peace process and that only former mujahedeen leaders can clarify what the Taliban really wanted. 
“It should be clarified who supports the Taliban. The former mujahedeen should say it loud that who provoked them to opt for such a game to overturn the system,” she said. 
Meanwhile, Heela Najibullah, speaking to Radio Nowruz, said the Taliban have no sovereignty when discussing reconciliation.
“If Afghan women do not lift their voices for reconciliation, there will never be a permanent peace in Afghanistan,” she said. 
The Taliban’s key demand in the peace process is changing the existing political structure, but in negotiations with the Taliban, the Afghan government has stated that it would never negotiate on any other political configuration than democracy.