Moscow supports US proposal on interim set-up 


KABUL: Moscow has expressed support for the Taliban’s integration into a potential interim government in Kabul, ahead of hosting a conference on Afghanistan.
Amid a renewed global push to end decades of conflict and violence in Afghanistan, the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman supported the US proposal for an inclusive interim set-up in Afghanistan.
“An inclusive transitional government will be a logical approach to the issue of integrating the Taliban into a stable political life,” Maria Zakharova said at a daily weekly news conference in Moscow.
According to TASS news, she underlined Afghans themselves should decide on the vital matter, and the problem should be resolved through talks on national reconciliation. 
This is while delegates from the Afghan government and the Taliban are expected to meet in Moscow for negotiations next week, following an official invitation from the country. 
Afghan leaders and the Taliban have agreed to the invitation.
Last week, the US special envoy urged Afghan leaders to form an inclusive government, an idea that President Ashraf Ghani immediately rejected.
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has suggested a “new, democratic government” in a letter to Afghan leaders.