Mohib deems agreement with Pakistan key to peace with Taliban 


KABUL: National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib, in a joint news conference with senior security officials, on Sunday said that coming to terms with Pakistan is critical for achieving peace with the Taliban.
Mohib referred to regional countries’ approaches towards peace in Afghanistan, saying that the Afghan government has taken all possible measures to achieve peace and is waiting for the Taliban to demonstrate that they want peace as well.
“Pakistan’s role is important, and it is crucial to have an agreement with Pakistan to solve the issues before reaching peace with the Taliban,” Mohib said.
Referring to recent proposals floated by Khalilzad, he said the US top diplomat’s latest strategy wasn’t a plan of the US government but a layout to facilitate the peace process. “It is more organized and based on the separation of power to address security problems,” NSA Mohib added when asked regarding the envoy’s draft proposal for the peace process.
“The Afghan government is always ready for peace talks, but not all the problems are on the structures. The differences are on the values and the way of governing because Taliban support Emirate and the Afghan government want a republican system.”