Be honest broker in Afghan peace: Ghani to Pakistan  


KABUL: Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has urged Pakistan to be honest and forthright when it comes to the Afghan peace process.
“I call on Pakistan to truly recognize each other’s freedom and national sovereignty as two governments,” the president said, adding, “If Afghanistan achieves stability, Pakistan will prosper the most.” 
Assuring peace and security in Afghanistan, according to Ghani, opens Central Asia’s gateway to Pakistan and enables Islamabad to access Central Asian markets via Afghanistan.
On the peace process, President Ghani said that the Afghan Constitution and structure were the people’s national guarantees and that no other guarantee was needed.
President Ghani implied once again that polls and popular vote would be the only way to choose his replacement for Arg (the presidential palace).
It’s worth noting that the Afghan government has long accused Pakistan of funding terrorist organizations, especially the Taliban, something Islamabad consistently denies.