Taliban Emirate's return ‘unacceptable’: Russia tells Afghanistan


KABUL: Russian officials in a meeting with Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar have reiterated their country’s support for the Afghan peace talks, stressing it was too early to remove the Taliban from the blacklist.
During his visit to Moscow, Foreign Minister Atmar met with the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on Sunday. 
While welcoming the visiting Afghan delegation, Russian Secretary of State Sergei Lavrov described Atmar’s visit as “significant” on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Russia-Afghanistan diplomatic relations, adding that his country attached particular importance to the Afghan peace process.
Meanwhile, in an apparent reference to the peace process, FM Atmar said the Afghan government had met all of its commitments, including the release of 6,000 Taliban detainees. 
On the other hand, he stated that the Taliban were supposed to mitigate conflict following their promises, observe a ceasefire, cut ties with terrorists, and avoid the return of released hostages to the battlefield, but that they failed to do so.
FM Atmar and Patrushev emphasized the importance of starting serious and practical negotiations and finding a comprehensive diplomatic settlement focused on the Afghan people’s will. 
The return of the Emirate, according to Petrushev, is unacceptable, and it is too early to withdraw the Taliban from the blacklist before the peace talks yield concrete results.