Fierce clashes in Kandahar leaves 80pc people jobless

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KANDAHAR: Heavy conflicts in nine districts of southern Kandahar province have displaced more than 20,000 families to Kandahar’s capital city over the past three months, rendering an overwhelming majority of the residents unemployed. 

The ongoing intense clashes have also increased the rate of unemployment in the city and left a majority of the population jobless. 

Kandahar jobless inhabitants are concerned as they are enduring harsh circumstances in order to address their household needs.

Mohammad Daud and Reza Khan, who left their homes from Maruf and Dand districts, have come to Kandahar city to seek a job. They spend every day waiting for work on the central streets of Kandahar city.

“War displaced us; it is winter, the rent of the houses has also gone up. Along with us, many other displaced residents from different districts sit in Yadgar intersection in the hope for a job, yet no one has helped us.”

“There are no jobs. It’s been 20 days since we are here. The war compelled us to leave our homes. But here, too, business is at a standstill.”

Officials at the Kandahar Department of Labor and Social Affairs said that the ongoing conflicts had left eighty percent of Kandahar’s residents jobless, adding that the unemployment rate was still rising due to displacement. 

Habibullah Jilani, the provincial labor director, said they had been in touch with the international humanitarian organizations and were trying to find a solution to reach out to the displaced and unemployed families as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, as combats have pushed the unemployment rate beyond expectations, young people are wandering in the bazaars and are seeking jobs during this harsh cold winter. 

Jilani added that the initial measures to provide aid relief to the displaced families were keeping them warm from the cold and providing them food and jobs.

Kandahar provincial officials have declined to comment on the ongoing fighting in the province, but National Security Council adviser Hamdullah Mohib, during a recent visit to Kandahar, assured that the Afghan government was heeding Kandahar’s security.

He also promised to assist the families and people affected by the conflict.