Afghans are the only victims of war: Chief negotiator


KABUL: Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, the head of the Afghan negotiating team, stressed that the primary victims of the current war in the country are Afghans.

Speaking in an online meeting with Afghans living in 13 European countries and the United States on Monday, Stanekzai said that Afghanistan must not go back to the dark past; instead, the foundations laid must be reinforced through unity and solidarity.

Meanwhile, the Afghan negotiating team members stressed the significant role of refugees in the peace process and called on all Afghans to work to end the war and achieve a ceasefire.

Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Civil Society, also stressed the importance of continuing these meetings and emphasized the importance of Afghan refugees’ inclusion in the peace talks.

On the other hand, the meeting participants stressed peace and stability in Afghanistan were a collective responsibility, agreeing Afghans must work jointly in this regard.