AIHRC pleads negotiating sides to resume peace talks


KABUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) calls on the Afghan government and the Taliban to immediately recommence the suspended intra-Afghan talks and return to the negotiating table. 
“We call on the two sides’ delegations to return to the negotiation table, and we emphasize on the end of the war to reduce the unjustifiable expenses of war and want an immediate ceasefire,” the rights watchdog wrote on its Twitter on Sunday.
Just a few days after its restart on January 6, the second round of the intra-Afghan talks arrived at a stalemate. The Afghan negotiation team accused the Taliban of refusing to sit on the negotiating table.
Instead, senior Taliban officials embarked on a regional trip, visiting Iran, Russia, and Turkmenistan, where they met senior officials and addressed Afghanistan’s situation.
The Human Rights Commission said that conflict took civilian lives every day, and the people who demanded a ceasefire and stability were frustrated.
“We reiterate our ceasefire demand and call on you (Afghan and Taliban teams) to form a joint committee to monitor the ceasefire and investigate violence, including targeted killings, attacks against journalists and human rights activists.”
This is while the second Afghan Vice President Sarwar Danesh had earlier claimed that since the beginning of the negotiations in September, the Taliban have not been fair and serious in terms of peace talks.