Pres. Ghani dubs Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan 'reckless'


KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was carried out recklessly and that “no future measure (scheme) was considered.”

President Ghani made the remarks in a video message on Sunday to mark the 32nd anniversary of the expulsion of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

“The irresponsible withdrawal of the Red Army,” Ghani said, “was the reason for the destruction of security forces and security systems as well as (Afghanistan) infrastructure.”

After the Soviet Union left the region, Ghani said civil wars between Jihadi factions shook Afghanistan.

According to him, several countries in the world resisted the intervention of the Red Army in Afghanistan. He called the national solidarity of the people as the reason for the Red Army’s failure in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, speaking about the Afghan peace process, he said peace should be sustained by security and civilian institutions, adding it should help women, children, youth, and other facets of society.

This comes amid an increased hype around the foreign troop pullout from Afghanistan as per the US-Taliban Doha peace deal. The Taliban oppose further stay, but U.S. and NATO have hinted at keeping forces beyond May.

The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan on December 24, 1979. The Red Army remained in the country for more than ten years and left Afghanistan on February 15, 1989, after sustaining significant combat losses against Jihadi groups supported by the U.S. and Pakistan.

Moscow then maintained supporting the Afghan government, but after President Najibullah’s government’s fall, the Jihadi groups fought for power, forcing millions of people to flee the region.