“Taliban swayed for month-long truce in Kandahar’s Panjwai”


KANDAHAR: Residents of Kandahar’s Panjwai district have convinced the Taliban of a month-long ceasefire, saying if the government agreed, the fighting in their district could end, allowing people to live in peace.
Panjwai inhabitants brought up this offer during a meeting with Kandahar’s Governor last week. 
The Taliban have been waging heavy fighting in the district for the past two months, forcing the public to leave their residential areas.
A tribal elder from the district said on the condition of anonymity that he had talked to the Taliban in their region, convincing them for a ceasefire in order to bring somehow harmony to the area.
The tribal elders said the Taliban had said yes to the proposal, hoping the government will be amenable too.
Residents of the area said they had sent a delegation to Kandahar’s Governor last week and demanded a ceasefire from the government. They added such positive agreements could pave the ground for ending the fighting.
Kandahar Governor Rohullah Khanzada also confirmed that representatives of the Panjwai district had met with him last week, deeming the offer for a ceasefire as a Taliban ploy to prepare for intense fighting. 
The governor said they are ready for a nationwide ceasefire, but a district-level ceasefire could have dire consequences for the people and the government. However, there has been no word from the Taliban in this regard. 
Panjwai is a district close to Kandahar City and was once a major Taliban stronghold. After a long period of insecurity, the district was once relatively calm, but recently the Taliban have increased their activities and Panjwai, along with other districts in Kandahar, also became insecure.