Taliban violence increased two-fold this year: NSA Mohib 

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib said the Taliban have no diplomatic authority for negotiations, and the group has demonstrated no desire for reconciliation and is trying to gain absolute control.
At a press conference on Saturday, Mohib affirmed that political leaders were entirely prepared to make sacrifices for peace. 
He stressed that the Taliban had doubled the country’s scale of aggression compared to a year ago.
In a statement shared on Saturday, the Taliban insurgents stressed that their so-called summer offensive last year had not been revealed as part of their obligations under the February 2020 deal.
Referring to the Taliban group, Mohib said, “Their leaders want to seize absolute power. Their backers want the destruction of Afghanistan.”
He also said Pakistan ostensibly promoted stability in Afghanistan but supported the brutality of the Taliban in reality. “At their homes in Quetta, they invited their commanders to prepare for the summer offensive,” he said.