Danish slammed Taliban for current violence in Afghanistan


KABUL: Second Afghan Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish strongly condemned the Taliban for the high levels of violence in the country and for tabling ‘new preconditions.’
Addressing an event on Friday, on the first death anniversary of Mohammad Mohaqiq’s son, the presidential advisor, Danish stressed that if the aim was to attain permanent peace in Afghanistan, the existing democratic structure should prevail. 
“The negotiations in Doha are faced with a type of stalemate,” Danesh said. “The Taliban representatives are busy on their political trips, and sometimes they come up with new preconditions.”
Meanwhile, Danesh alleged that peace efforts between the Afghan Republic and the Taliban had ended. He hinted at readiness to restart talks to seek a diplomatic solution to the continuing conflicts in Afghanistan.
He said it was essential to seize the current opportunity for peace, noting that the Taliban had displayed “less sincerity” in mediation efforts and instead escalated their aggression and violence in the region.
At the same time, Danesh said an interim setup would result in further violence in the country, and going toward such a decision would mean returning to the past.
This comes a day after First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that those Taliban prisoners released as part of the US-Taliban peace agreement from the Afghan government jails played a significant role in the country’s growing security threats.