Saleh implicates freed Taliban inmates in recent bout of violence 


KABUL: Afghan First Vice President Amrullah Saleh claimed that the Taliban prisoners released as part of the US-Taliban peace settlement from the government jails are the main reason behind the growing security threats in Afghanistan. 
On Thursday, Saleh alleged that he is willing to prove case-by-case that the freed inmates are complicit in the continuing violence against the people.
“We are ready to prove case-by-case that the 5,500 Taliban prisoners that we released for peace are somehow involved in the surge in violence and murders of the people. This trust was blind, and without a strategy, we will not repeat it again,” Saleh wrote on Facebook.
Referring to the recent spate of targeted attacks on the personnel of government organizations and the recent attacks on the staff of various ministries, Saleh said that the released Taliban members were behind these assaults and that the Afghan government would not free more Taliban affiliates.
According to estimates, at least 30 people have been killed in Kabul due to targeted attacks over the past two weeks, and another 30 have been injured.
Civilians were the bulk of the casualties; nevertheless, the Taliban have denied any involvement in the attacks.